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Paul, Thank you so much for all of your help today. Being that I am not an expert in these matters of the internet, it sure is great that it comes so easy to you. I knew when I called about Google you would know what to do....You guys have been awesome! Even after 31 years with, I never have received this great of service and so quick to get the job done. No wonder why I now only use Townsquare to get our name out. Sincerely, Andrea Rivett-Young Gm

- Andrea

I believe you are working hard for my business. I value that effort.

- Michael

Upbeat , thoughtful and a pleasure to have on our team

- normm diaz

New page created an hour after I emailed....that's great!

- Sue Harney, Bagley&Co;

great job....Kristen took good care of us thanks. It was a WOW moment based on how fast Kristen reacted. She fixed the website immediately

- Dave Brewster

Listen to what I had to say about my company and how I built it . was very up beat when we spoke ! And has very good ideas about the new website . definitely a people person & very easy to talk to about business & customer service !! Thank you very much !!!!

- Rob Robinson

Very Clear, Open Minded, and listened to what my needs and wants were... Gave me conifidence in knowing you guys would do nothing but the best job..

- Johnny Dean

Great Help!! Very pleasant to work with. Thanks again Amanda!

- Brenda

From our conversation I feel that I have finally found a company that will deliver a professional website. I am actually looking forward to the process!

- Jarrett Gallups

Excellent job getting all our items on the Web site. Thank you Kendra for all your assistance. Janoce

- Janice

Great service

- Chuck scott

Christine Ruel went above and beyond to help us resolve the issue at hand. She was very professional about everything and went into great detail to make sure we understood each other. Very pleasant, and easy to talk to! Thank you Christine!!!

- Amanda White



Very informative and professional customer service.

- Liz Wathen

Very Informative and easy to work with!

- Ron Jouandot

As always you were a pleasure to speak to today and you did a wonderful job with the website! I couldn't have done it better and you delivered right on time as you always do.

- Lisa

Very helpful and professional. Thank you.

- Herman A. Lohse III

you listened and made great suggestions

- Albert Brady

Thank you for your help and enderstanding

- Ginger

Nikki is always available and friendly and takes care of any and all issues for us

- Rick

Quickly and professionally done.

- Brandon Smith

The site looks great! Just a few modifications, and it's ready to launch! Great service!

- Steve Mizuki

It looks good Stephanie, I like It.

- Mo Lafferty

You are always on top of it and can tell you have my best interests at stake. Keep up the good work.

- John Goehrs

awesome job as always!!

- Hope & Jim Underhill


- Nicole Verot

Please share with your manager and who ever, but I wish I had some one as energetic, pleasant and productive in a timely fashion working for me as Christine is. Thank You.

- Tony Sigillito

we are very pleased. Just his last name needs to be changed Koppie to Jones. we love what you did for us and Lonnie says you have a great heart and a daughter you love and take her fishing.

- Lonnie Jones & Cynthia Koppie

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Her goal is to make this process as easy with the best outcome for my business

- Larry Moreland


- terry

I am impressed with how quickly this was done. In less than 2 weeks I have a brand new website and it was not painful at all. Kendra, you were very plesant to work with and I am excited to get some classes on that calendar!!!

- Mary Stillman

It was really a pleasure to speak with you. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks a lot for being so nice....

- Linda Landrum

Thank you for listening, learning our business and caring about the success of our new Web site!

- Melissa Murray

Kendra is always very responsive!! She answers my questions quickly and is always very helpful!!

- Jeff lake

Alex Byrd exceeded my expectations in making some complicated changes to our Townsquare website -- I am very happy to give her this outstanding commendation!!

- Wellington E. Watts II

Very frindly, informative and helpfulll

- Chris

Hi Kendra , Your work is among the best that I have seems I want to say many, many thanks, you and Shaun you guys are great at what you do, I wish a lot of sussesful ones to come, take care you have created an very happy customer Veron Bryan ,

- veron bryan

Rachel was incredibly professional, friendly, and helpful. I am really looking forward to working with her, and I'm certain that she will do a fantastic job on the website.

- Jordan

Nadia Saar, you are amazing and I can completely count on you to get all our website tasks done! I know there was so much I asked you to do and you did not hesitate to get it done in a hurry! Thank you so much!

- Heather Parra

Great service!

- Lenny

Brett was very patient walking me through blogging directly on my site -- and within a few minutes my first blog was up and running. Thank you so much!

- Keisha Dixon

Quick response and excellent service

- Bryce Egbert

Thank you Kristine. As always, you take great care of our business web site. We are very happy to have you managing it for us. We don't know what is best for our site, but it nice to know you are there making it work. Thank you.

- Montie

Very fast and professional service.

- Ben Lara

Emily has been an amazing on her customer service, when ever I need something done she is right on it and if she isn't there I can leave a message and she gets back to me right away.

- Elizabeth

Carolyn has been doing a fantastic job with our New Flyer, we have not finalized the flyer but at this point the ideas have been great and as always the communication is greatly appreciated. Thanks Carolyn

- Keith Puckering

David made choosing website options and gathering info easy and fun. He has great ideas and was extremely helpful. Great job.

- Molly Litz

Thank you for all your hard work.

- Betty Jean Mavity

David is very professional and knowledgeable. David is the type of person that helps an entire company like, Townsquare Interactive, look good in the eyes of others.

- John E. Cromwell, Attorney at Law

So sorry! You did everything just right!

- Lynn Boyd

Samantha is an awesome representative. Very attentive to detail and customer service. Always very pleasant no matter the circumstances. She displays a can do attitude even though the request is arguably beyond the scope of her services. She knows and practices the lost art of customer service.

- Paul Gee

Doug was very helpful and I look forward to working with him in the future.

- Justin Collier

Looks Great! Really nice job.

- Jennifer States

I appreciate you following up with a phone call as well as the information I needed. It adds a personal aspect to business transactions. Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to do both.

- Marion M Miller, President - JASPERwebsites & CMR Inc

Did great

- Drew mitchell

Seems very knowledgeable about what is being offered.

- dan

She is amazingly helpful and wonderful!


You have been very helpful. Thank you for walking us through this whole process.

- Troy Lejeune

Awesome experience,because of her great personality. Was a pleasure.

- Kevin

WOW!!!! Melissa is a phenom! I adore working with her for each company that I handle for marketing. She is both responsive and intuitive to a level which suit me and my busy schedule very well. She is the best you have. Can you clone her?!

- MJ Christner

Called me on time and left voicemail and contact information regarding call, also followed up right after call with a detailed email.

- Emmanuel Pedroza

Thanks for keeping an eye on our site

- Hansy

Thank you for listening to what I had to say about my previous website! I appreciate your attentiveness and pleasantness on the phone! You also had great ideas for me to think about!

- Marie

Thank you Emily you are the

- willetteTaylor Miskey

Very professional

- Kalvan peeler

Tony is the type of person that puts you at ease and explains things so that you can understand. His attitude and friendliness on the phone was another reason for me dealing with him. I think Mr. Simmons is an asset to your company and I would recommend your company because of him.

- Judith Provo

Great job. I appreciate that you let me know my response went to you instead of the recipient.

- Vicki Coulson


- Judy Hack

Thank You Melina for all your help. You are very Helpful in our time of need

- Morris D Moody Jr

Nadia is awesome when it comes to customer service and getting me exactly what my business needs to grow! Give that girl a bonus !!! Thank you Nadia!

- Ted Lutz. With Rent-A-Pro handyman

Was very attentive to my needs

- Larry b

Awesome phone call I liked all of her ideas and I think this web-site will enable me and my company to thrive in 2016. Great first impression!

- Jonathan Boggs

Looks good


We are very impressed with TownSquare. Nicole and Tanya were extremely helpful and very professional. Our website is up and running in 8 days! WOW! That's impressive, especially compared to other companies we have worked with in the past. I highly recommend TownSquare Interactive.

- Tara at SafeWave Security

Uber awesome customer service! Swift and smart!

- Ronda Hillis

Ms Rachel was very professional, knowledgeable individual that has been a pleasure to work with! An looking forward to working with her again!

- Richard Bruns

I appreciate the way you keep I touch with what's going on

- Scott Adrian

Good job, as always, Brittany. No matter what the question or concern you always take care of it!!

- Shawnee Bassett

Always so prompt, efficient and professional!!!!

- Helena

Great customer Service. Nice, pleasant to speak too!! :)

- Mary Lovin

Great, FAST Service! Thank you for keeping me so informed of where i can save money.

- Patricia

Awesome attitude and representation..glad to have your help on my business!

- Charlie Morse

David does an amazing job updating our company with all the changes and new features you offer. Working on trying to update with more pictures etc. We are very pleased with Townsquare


Very personal. Great listening skills. Accessible. Professional. We're off to a good start!

- Kobi Carter

Thank you for all your help

- Tamela Brown

you were great Libby to answer us so quickly and help us with our problem. I really appreciate it!

- Kim Kliner

Kristen is very patient & seems to care about her clients. It's been nice working with her.

- Becky from United health & wellness

Very responsive to my questions, finds the answers if they aren't right off the top of his head. And, quickly.

- Sue Harney, Bagley&Co;

you did a great job

- chuck scott

Very friendly! Helpful in explaining and didn't take long to set my directories up!

- Henry Hoskins

Kristen has always been top notch! Shes the best

- Jim Davis

Thanks for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated. I am farther in my search than I was.

- Cherie Cox

We have been very pleased with Katie's work. She is quick to respond and makes sure she takes care of our website in a manner that works for us. She is great to work with us.

- Dennis

Kristen answered all my questions and even helped me to know what I didn't know. She was extremely friendly and very informative!

- Angela Wallace

Sarah provided excellent service while setting up our new and improved website. She was so accommodating and helpful during this process and I couldn't have asked for better service! Kristi Gray Chelsea Rae's Interiors Midland, TX

- kristi gray

Extremely professional, easy to work with. I am glad I have her as an account manager. She seems to really care about what I want with my website, and is very thorough.

- Nick Shirley

In talking to you I felt a a high level of confidents, i know you are going to be an asset to my business.

- Alex Corrente

Truly WOW! From first 'sales pitch' to Web design - awesome!

- Shawnee Bassett

You were so personable, answered all of my questions, and very upbeat and positive!

- Cindy - North Central Steel Co., Inc.

Super quick and efficient! Awesome Job:):)

- Nicole Verot

Hi Marla did wow me. After talking she had my changes in right away and I wasn't expecting it till the next week. She seems very friendly and eager to help. Thanks Marla

- Sherri Tosti

Very friendly, very knowledgeable and she explained every step of the process as we were going along. I felt very comfortable. with Katie.

- Kevon Oliver

On the Subject of Emily..... Since having my account passed on to Ms. Barrowclaugh, I've experienced nothing short of INCDREDIBLE support with our new website. Emily consistently goes above and beyond in her work, even taking it home with her when I'm under pressure on my end to get things up and running. ( Specifically with PayPal buttons for our camp registration...a feature never before offered by our business.) Emily has people skills that can't be either have them or you don't...and believe me, she has them. Take notes! She's the Chuck Norris of customer service. Thanks to Emily and the rest of Townsquare Interactive team, I no longer have to listen to people complain about our website....Instead, I listen to compliments. Keep up the great work!

- John Harniman

Thanks! You came across as knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I look forward to working with you.

- Jennifer Watkins

Kristine, You were so patient and helpful today. Thank you!

- Cindy

David worked quickly and well to design my new website and bring it online. When necessary, he explained the technical side of it in terms I could comprehend, a real plus considering my limited technical expertise.

- William Tinkler, Jr.

Lindsay, you took me from someone who was totally lost to someone who can see herself as being to being totally interactive ! looking forward to the whole experience. Thank You


The service Christine provides truly have the wow experience! She is very helpful and friendly, and definitely knows how to help a business stand out in the cut throat business of advertisement! Thank you so much Christine! :) Green Solutions Cleaning Services, LLC.

- Judith Molnar

Sarah is always so helpful and don't know what I would do without her! Thanks SARAH!

- Cindy

Alex Byrd did an outstanding job in making changes on our website -- This was done in less than 24 hours of my request, which was a total surprise to me. I thought it would take more time. Thank you, Alex. GREAT JOB!!

- Wellington E. Watts II

You did a masterful job of preparing my website. It has everything on it that I consider to be important and every detail is perfectly arranged. I will most assuredly recommend you to my fellow private investigators.

- Wayne Phillips

You are doing a great job, and I thank you! One problem though, I just checked my credit card bill and I was double charged, once on the 20th of May and again on June 9th. Please check and correct. My husband & I just returned from Detroit Lakes and it is lovely up there. The air is cool and clear. Anyway, have a nice evening. Helen T.

- Helen Trisko

I submitted changes to Alex Byrd for the website. With 24 hours, all the changes were made. Again, she accomplished everything I requested faster than I expected -- and without any error. This is outstanding work!! I recommend Townsquare to anyone one needing to have a website.

- Wellington E. Watts II

Melissa has always been extremely attentive with our account. She stays on top of everything and when we do ask questions she is more than happy to answer them and solve any issue in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to work with her.

- Christine Klemp

I was so impressed with Melissa's understanding of my interests, excellent customer service, timely response to requests and her pleasant demeanor. She was an absolute joy to work with during this project and I look forward to working with her in the future!

- Michael D. Stalboerger

I am glad to have Emily as my representative to help me to get my business on the map. Emily was very nice and really showed concerns and compassion for my business. I think we are going to be a great team and I look forward working with her. Yes, Emily you WOW me.

- Gloria Johnson

Kristine, You have been extremely helpful in explaining how this web site works, and how it will help my small business strive in a demanding environment of contracting.Kristine I've never met you but you have totally made me feel confident that you will provide a WOW factor for my web site Twitter and face book pages, I would like to thank you in advance.

- Paul OConnell

Hi Kristie, i am very pleased with the initial website that your company has established for my business. I will be sending a few before and after project pictures to be added onto the website for potential customers to reviews my work. I just received another Badge/Award notification from HomeAdvisor. I would like to have both added on the website. I will send them in a separate email because they have links that I can send to a webmaster. I can't wait to have my first request from the new website. Once that happens, I will cut ties with HomeAdvisor. Thank you very much for helping me establish the website!

- Dan Karkotsky

I, once again, achieved results in a timely manner from Jimmy.. I needed something done (iframes) that I wasn't at all familiar with. the boss was impressed at how quickly it was up (made me look good). Thanks, Jimmy!

- Sue Harney (Bagley&Co; Jewelers)

Anna is doing a great job. It was a big misunderstanding On my part and I do apologize.

- Rene Diaz

Great response and quick to make the changes our company needs.

- Ben Lara

Thanks, looking forward to review things on thursday.

- Ed Bloom

Nick You Guys absolutely nailed it.. The website really flows. it's simple and efficient . just what I was looking for.

- Morris Moody Jr

Sarah and I get along great! She makes me feel important and that what is important to me is important. She gives me the customer service I was promised when I signed up with Townsquare. I am looking forward to building my business online with her help! My initial reaction to seeing our new website was a big WOW! :) Thank you also to Aimee, Ryan, and Megan!

- Donna Febus

You're the best you rock couldn't get it without you

- Willette taylor miskey

Christine has been an outstanding service provider. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, and always available. I highly recommend her, and Town Square to all who are in need, or would like to stand out in their online presence. Thank you!

- Judith Molnar

Great talking to you. Looking forward to working together!

- Beth

Alex Byrd overcame some challenges and perfectly made the changes on the website that included NEW PRODUCTS and ONLINE ORDERING forms. Great job, Alex and team.

- Wellington E. Watts II

Hello Stefanie, Well, I'd like to say you are very efficient, quick and know what you're doing. I do enjoy communicating and working with you, even though it's long distance, but I like the nice and clean work you do and we all truly appreciate that, thank you very much. I'm still trying to get people interested in ''

- Wolfgang

Sarah Randolph has going above and beyond helping me with all my site and my questions i really appreciated everything. Thank you so much !!!

- Claudia Silva

Great service. Robert Hindelang.

- Robert L Hindelang, PC - MBA, CPA, Attorney

Anna Perez has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I had an emergency online reputation situation and I called her. She coached me through how to resolve a negative review. Not only did the customer except my apology and remove the review but he also gave me the opportunity to complete the job and is now a satisfied client!

- Kenyatta Duckworth

Good information, thanks!

- Mike VInez

Thank you Rachel. Really appreciate all that Rachel does to interact and follow up with our clients. She works with me on 2 of our biggest accounts, and is a great resource. It's a good feeling when I'm speaking with these clients, and someone says 'let's ask Rachel'. We all know who we are talking about. And we know things will get addressed & handled quickly.

- Bill Schmid, Sales Manager, Townsquare Media Bismarck

Very informed. Was able to provide answers to all the questions we had and to some we had not thought of yet. Looking very much forward to working with her.

- Alex White

Kendra did an exceptional job of walking us though the on boarding process. She really helped put my mind at ease. I feel very confident moving forward with her as our business partner on the new website, as we maximize our overall web presence.

- Clayton Lyczynski II

thank you Katie! you were very professional and took good care of me!

- Greg Burchfiel

Melissa did amazing. She definitely helped out and guided me through what was needed. She made this transition much easier than I expected. Looking forward to working with a company with such great service.

- Juan Altamirano

Karen made feel at ease with this hole process and she is working with me, which is the most important thing to me. We have to work when we are called and scheduling is difficult.

- Larry Lowery

In spite of feeling ill and being off work you took care of me. You put my business ahead of your own comfort. That's going the extra mile...even if you were limping:-)

- TD Scholl

Melina, Thank You...for the great service and personal care of our website! Mark

- Mark Soucy

Thanks for the hour long conversation trying to kick off two companies of different services. We are builders, but not of websites. I appreciate your suggestions and cant wait to see the proofs. I have a much greater understanding of what we as a team are trying to accomplish via internet. Thanks again. Jeremy

- Jeremy Webb

You are great support and have made me smile

- Vickie

Allison has been great. Always diligent with updating any new information that is available and checking in with me to see if I have any questions or new ideas. She is always pleasant and very professional.

- Deborah Wysni

Pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable and very helpful.

- Davy R. Hobson

Thank you for all your help! You've done an amazing job helping us design and publish our new site! Your professionalism and skill is unmatched. We are so very thankful you are on our team!!!

- Brian Stotts

I sensed a high level of professionalism throughout our conversation. I am feeling confident that is going to be a good business move for me and Greenbriar. Thank you Reid.

- Robin Ballantyne

Of all the Venders and service providers , Townsquare media is the most efficient and the best, and I believe that Christine Ruel is a HUGE part of that reason, she is terrific.

- Tony sigillito

Matt has been very helpful and prompt with every question and concern of mine throughout the life of our business relationship. Great Job!!!!

- Jackie Sullivan

Amanda got my new review up the same morning I sent it to her! Thank you Amanda

- Naomi T. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Awsome job thanks for everthing

- Guillermo esquivel

educated like a mofoe! loved having a guru to give me the 411 on info i needed...made learning process EZ!

- James

As always Matt has done it again. Always prompt with the task I ask for. Very professional! Thanks for all of your help!!! Also thanks for your patience with me.

- Jackie Sullivan

Really excited to be working with you and Town Square Media! Good service!

- Chris Durio

I am extremely impressed with the conversation I had this morning with Stephanie Laclair. She is a very unique individual who exceeded my expectations

- melecia garcia

Melissa is very professional and was willing to take the amount of time needed to take care of my needs ! ! ! Thank you Melissa ! !

- Scott Rasmussen

Hello. I'm having problems logging in

- Richard Bruns



As always since I teamed up with Townsquare the service has been second to none. When I ask for help they have always been prompt in taking care of my needs. A recent change in my account manager was a bit of concern but after several request exchanges with Danielle about concerns or changes that I needed she has handled every one in a timely manner. I give an A+ to Danielle for her professionalism, mannerism and ability to communicate with me. Thank You Townsquare Team

- Jackie Sullivan / Twin City Home Inspections

Tony is willing and eager to work with me closely in customizing my SEO.

- Joel Mausner

Quick and easy! Very smooth process signing up.

- delia stuart

Anna is a wonderful asset to the townsquare team! She is very knowledgeable and always helpful. Thanks for the awesome service Anna, we look forward to our continued business with you.

- SHANE Harris

Anna is extremely helpful and gives me lots of needed advice. Thanks Anna!


The most personal, patient and readily available marketing people I've ever used. You guys could teach Microsoft a thing or two. I know a lot about being a counselor but am horrible at internet presence. Townsquare alleviates that anxiety ridden "Should do this - but it's too hard" feeling which in turn helps me keep my mind on my clients. What price can a licensed counselor put on that? It's worth every cent. Thanks Alexia. (PLEASE DON"T POST MY PHONE NUMBER IF YOU Decide TO USE THIS TESTIMONIAL. I'd be happy to share my expience with other therapists about my experience with T.S, if you would like.

- Scott Anderson

Nicole O. has been great in assisting me with my transition to Townsquare! She has taken notes per phone and email conversations and has applied them with attention to detail in building my online presence. I believe the work she is doing, will directly bring customers to me. Thank you :)

- Cliff Sanchez

I was changing phone number from cell because I couldn't answer it myself. I was losing jobs. Nikki you great. Steve

- Steven A potter

Very knowledgeable and personal. She quickly understood what I needed her to accomplish, while always "thinking ahead" to make sure I would get the most benefit from Townsquare.

- Thomas j Calanni

I lost an ail and Dave found it for me very quickly SAVED MY BUT. AND MADE ME MONEY Great job!

- Terry Smith

Truly, I am amazed by the level of attention I am receiving from a "big" company. Thanks to the sales rep (Lesley Mitchell) and my account manager (Pam Painter) I am so far very happy with your service.

- Mitchell Clemmons

Reid was very informative and helped me understand everything your firm is going to do for my Company.. Looking forward to working with him. Very professional and knowledgeable.

- Tony Blundy

You did an awesome job! Even when I emailed you at 8:00 p.m. because I was so busy yesterday I forgot! Great Job!

- Mary Shirley

ok so I am trying to work on my web site but it is not working thats why you are so great I will send you information and you can do it LOL Thank You

- Hansy Howard

Ali did a wonderful job covering all the initial content for our web site construction. We are excited to see the results.

- robert smeriglio

Very nice, and listened to what I needed to say.

- Victor DeWald

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

- Juanita Rios

Got me what I needed

- David P Bailey, CFO

Thank you Lo'Vonia!

- David Benjamin

thanks melina

- Deirdre Quinn

Kristen was knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed done and made it happen quickly.

- Chris Paul

Awesome !!!!

- Joseph Grima

Very professional and patient with someone who knew very little about building websites.

- Dewana

i have large needs and karen does WOW me with her great attitude even when i have aggravation or little time. TYVM


Kendra is awesome! She's professional, patient and brilliant.

- Rebeccah Doherty

nice picture with a great smile

- roger Beaumont

Allison was not only professional, she was smart and courteous. I feel that my website is in the right hands, because I want my business to reflect the professionalism that I do my best in everything that I do, so I was elated after talking to Allison. I give her 5 stars.

- Ted Turner


- Dan

Problem with our phone w/o Brittney I would not have known Thx Brittney!

- robin taylor

Alexia is awesome. Extremely helpful. Always has the best ideas for my website and is very creative. I always look forward to talking with Alexia!

- Amy Sellinger

Very timely return of call and emails. Fixed problem IMMEDIATELY and was very helpful and friendly!

- Marilyn Williams

Super fast turn around from initial call to provisional type design. Listened well to my desires and captured them on the website better than anyone I have ever worked with before.

- Ron Ahlberg

I'm very satisfied with Nicole's comprehensive customer service.

- Abby

The most helpful person I've ever encountered helping me through my website design. The website is now up and running perfectly. Always answers with a polite, happy attitude. Will be keeping my business through TIme Square interactive because of her.

- PJ Esperti

you done a GREAT JOB


Out standing response time

- Dan Schwartzman

Brittany is great! It's going to be a lot of fun working with her.

- Lee Robertson

Carolyn was very professional and covered the entire process very thoroughly! I am anxiously waiting to see what she and her team can do for my business!

- Richard Brown

great service quick and reponsive

- carl



I can feel that AMW have become visible. I have service companies from other states contacting us for local services. How awesome is that.


You WOW'd me, David! Quick turn around with a status note in between so we knew you were working on it. Everything done just as requested - Thanks!

- Jackie Glynn

requested brittany update Matawan store hours, and she promptly did.

- Ave Malkin

So far so good. I am impressed. Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work!

- Nick Margarucci

Nicely done! Looking forward to the end results. It was good to see an example....very impressive!

- Bill Kapaldo

Quick response to my requested site updates and followed up for approval!!

- John D Hughes jdh©

Stephanie addressed all my concerns, and has a plan to implement the success of my site. Thank you.

- Raymond

Nicole was great as she helped me through the on-boarding material. She was very responsive to ideas I had, but also kept me focused on what is best for the long term goals for my website. She was professional and patient with all of my questions. She made getting my website up easy. I am thrilled with the results to date!

- Mary Lou Rogers

Kyleigh was simply amazing to work with -- her excitement was absolutely contagious and I am very grateful that she was assigned to work with me.

- Keisha Dixon

Was awesome speaking with Jaimie she made me feel like I was a part of a winning team. And as we know it a team of any kind is stronger than 1. Woooo hoooo can't wait to watch it unfold into something special. So glad to be a part of it.

- joseph roseberry lll

Tony has been consistently friendly and professional, and has not dropped the ball, even when I have. He seems genuinely invested in my success, and his enthusiasm has helped me to remain engaged with the project, and connected to your company. I'm glad to be working with him.

- Dave Schwartz

Tony is always a pleasure to deal with. His upbeat personality and keen management of our account make this a "wow" experience not only today, but all days.

- Cheryl Chunco

Very Good.

- Eugene Corrigan

Tony is an amazing individual to work with!

- Matthew Paquin

susan,you were great, Your experience shows it was a pleasant conversation the information you were asking me about I am gathering and will get to asap..I am very excited about Townsquare and our Able furniture webpage.

- lisa key

Brittany went out of her way to help when I needed the help right away. She does a great job and is always ready and willing to do what needs to be done for my site!

- Denise Kuhlman

Kyleigh is an absolute delight to work with. Her energy and excitement are contagious, and she really understood the vision we communicated.

- Keisha Dixon

We are off to a great start. In our first meeting Lauren has exceeded her predecessors. I look forward to working with her.

- Nina Lientz

You did great, but I felt you dropped the ball. I was expecting more appreciation than I received. I know, let me give you a line to give back when a client wants more? Cheap Labor Is EXPENSIVE and EXPENSIVE Labor Is Cheap! Thanks for you hard work. HueyHercules

- huey white

Natalie has been very helpful during this awkward process of extricating ourselves from a sticky ex- marketing relationship. She also has been dedicated to making sure all 3 partners are involved in all steps of the process. We already love the web design!

- Hillary Fryczynski

Excellent work done for the Anah Shrine web site. Thank you for all you do.

- Janice Young

Thank you for all you do to make our Anah Shrine web site look great

- Janice Young

Steve makes the impossible, possible. After going through 3 account managers leaving TSI, Steve has stepped in and taken over the many loose ends the left behind. He managed to find a way to use social media share buttons on our blog after I was told countless times by my last 3 account managers that it couldn't be done. He is a major asset to our marketing strategy and deserves many accolades. We have decided to go forward and have TSI build us a second website because of his countless efforts and leadership.

- Jacklyn Lopez

Your knowledge and expertise is amazing. Your patience is out of this world with all the questions I asked. Thank you!!!

- Kerrie Callaway

Great personality, down to earth with pleasant professionalism. Great listening and great feedback. Explained things is basic simple terms with giving detailed explanation of what will be taking place. Thanks so much! Great experience. :-)

- Priscilla Powell

Great service. Always on top of everything

- Deborah Wysni

thanks for your patience with me as we work to make this the most successful site we can. I know how frusterating rebuilding a site can be but I really appreciate your working with me.

- Norma Munoz

Mary Grace really listened to our vision and came up with a wonderful website for us. My partner and i could not be more pleased. thank you!

- Keisha Dixon

Tony is absolutely the best!! I love working with him. I can call him anytime and know that whatever I need, he'll get on it. We got a call from a potential client today who told us he did a Google maps search for a roofing company and we were the first on the list. That means Tony is doing exactly what we need him to do!! And the fact that he makes it fun is the reason we went with Townsquare. THANKS TONY!!!!!!!!!

- Kim Graham

Thank you so much for your help, it was a pleasure!!! I look forward to working with Town Square and moving forward.

- Bonnie Marshall

Libby has been amazing with all of the help she's given me and this client. She has gone above and beyond with both the client and me to help save the account and make sure he is happy. She's talked me through everything that is going on with the site so that I know everything I can to help in the process.

- Nicole

Tony is extremely helpful, going above and beyond, to help us meet our goals. He always suggests new ideas and then shows us how to implement them. He follows up to make sure the new strategies work. The best part is Tony's sense of humor - you can't help smiling when working with him.

- Vickie

Rachel is not only friendly...but, she provides an incredible level of customer service! Thanks Rachel for taking care of us!

- Mariaha Rogers

Libby was awesome in helping with our needs. Great service!

- Kim Kliner

Thank you for the assistance!

- Shirley Sparks

Outstanding service and great listener. Definitely a A+ company to do buisness with.

- Francois Hernandez

Tony is consisantly top notch! ALWAYS friendly, knowledgable and really goes the extra mile with marketing strategies. I've seen a great increase in online referrals since I started working with Tony @ TownSquare. A+++ service every call!

- Martha Rosado

You were very patient with me, as I was not ready with my website login, and the we chatted for a while to build rapport, including a long recitation by me of the episodes in my learning process to date regarding Google and internet marketing in general. You certainly gave me confidence that I have made a good move in coming to Townsquare.

- Stanley Roy

Nikki has been very consistant in keeping me informed on how my sites are doing, and when I have a question or concern she has very quick response times. And very accurate. I really feel you go above and beyond to help me, even with things you might not have needed to. Thank you . This has been one of the best spots I have put my money, with town square. Thanks again, Debbie Salaba

- Debbie Salaba


- mike madson

Very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks


that's great I cant wait...keep up the great work

- thanh madson

Aerial was very patient, listened and answered my questions with knowledge. She was very quick in getting emails out to me that she said she would send with very precise and easy to follow directions.

- Jennifer Dodd

Ashley was very engaging and knew how to formulate what I attempted to state into appealing content. I am super excited to be working with such a talented individual. She has the ability to pull out of you what you may not even know you had in you! Great experience..definitely WOW'ed!!!

- M. Robinson

Lauren was very professional and knowledgeable. She addressed every question and concern. You are very lucky to have someone like that on your team. I am looking forward to the experience of meeting the rest of your team.

- Bill Palomaki

As always, Brittany is fantastic!

- Lee Robertson

Sarah was very helpful and pleasant through the whole process. She answered every question I had and made sure she did not just answer the question, she made sure I understood the answer. It was a good impression for the start of my business with this company.

- Jason Billips

Always remembers personal info about me, even though I always think she is Cheyenne! Does a great job.

- Evan

Quick response with exceptional customer service. Stefanie has great patience with my newbie expertise :)

- Jason Vergeyle

I have been an absolute headache of a client and Allison has been patient and thorough, and has broke everything down in easy to understand terms since I'm tech-challenged. Im glad I've switched companies to Townsquare Interactive.

- steve wiberg

Ashly was excellent. She was patient and answered all of my questions.

- John Christl

Took time to make sure I understood what was going on. Was very honest with her answers, I really appreciate that! Very professional look forward to working with her. Great job! Tks

- Ray Castillow

Patient, Tolerant, Respectful. A true Southerner talking to a true Southerner - the way I like to do business. Attitude of enthusiasm when discussing the aspects of our company's website. Allowing me the freedom to choose a name for the website - the willingness to be consistent with my colors and type face which correlates with our signs, letterhead ect. Having everything matching meets our perfectionistic desires. Looking forward to seeing the end results.

- Dewanna Allgood

Scott Johnson has given me the best service ever! He is very prompt with returning my calls, making any necessary changes to our website very quickly and is always professional and pleasant to work with. We are very please to be working with Mr. Johnson!

- Cynthia Gayle

Hello - I know I am hard to get on the phone - I greatly appreciate your patience and dedication - your tone (on the phone messages) is positive and professional - Thanks again -keep calling I answer one of these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another thing -I love my web page -awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Rene Cuellar-Owner R&J Truck Parts

Thanks for the great servace, you have consistently exceeded my expectations in helping me with my many questions and have gone out of your way to help solve problems! Thanks for the support.

- David Kaas

Very personable and friendly experience. I feel like she totally understood what I was after and she took ownership to make sure I felt like I was important and that my goals were achievable and will be met!

- Chrsi Matthews

Brittany, you did a great job finishing everything I asked of the Website. Thank you!

- Megan Tull

natalie is the best ever

- michael merck

Natalie Gentry was very professional and responsive during the setup phase of my website. Great job Natalie!!!

- Sueann Porter

You strive to keep me informed on how my website is going and how everyone on the team is progressing. You appear to have out done your own timeline of when you would have something to show me, I am impressed. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

- Ken Tucker

Ali Bowker was amazing. She was very patient with us.

- Artemis Kirk

I'm very impressed with Emily's work. She actively finds way to go above and beyond to do the most possible for your campaign. she is very prompt and personable aswell

- Spencer

Nikki just always takes care of my website as if it were her own. Today she let me know about some major Google happenings and that my website is fine. Due to the Google changes she will also be following the ratings to be sure they aren't negatively affected. A+

- Joan McWilliams

Very Professional and Attentive to my expectations. Thank you very much for listening and answering our concerns.


Drew is the best consultant, especially in our business. With our shows we have to make constant changes and it's important to get those done asap as we have vendors, attendees, and exhibitors that rely on the information we put on the site. Drew gets things done so fast it's mind blowing. He also isn't afraid to offer suggestions when we need or ask for them, such as design and layouts. We are overjoyed with Drew and his services and hope to keep him for as long as he stays with the company which we hope is a long time.

- Rhiannon Steele

Melina did a great job in initiating the changes in my website. She was most helpful in working through the various revisions, and her upbeat attitude makes her a pleasure to deal with. I am most pleased!

- Mark Gertel

You asked a lot of questions. And you let me be vague when I didn't really have an opinion (which happened quite a few times!). I'm excited to see what you come up with!

- Kathy Parker

Lightening quick response! Gracias!!

- Martha Rowe

Thanks! I appreciate you always being on top of things!

- Rebecca Fedele

Wow is an understatement! I've dealt with a lot of people before.. I know what it is like to work with someone that is only working there job for a pay check.. Allison Haines is not one of those people. We where skeptical at first because we didn't know a whole lot about the company and what they can do. After the first day of talking with Allison the overwhelming feeling of joy hit us because this girl really does care! That is what we feel is missing in the world today is love and care for others. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! .

- Nathan Wright

I'm so happy I chose tsm because caroline & the design team are doing a great job on my website.

- Anthony Sciola

Allison provided us with incredible attention, even offering to use her personal time to come up with a product that would meet our expectations. Just the fact that she was willing to do that and go the extra mile speaks volumes to us. We are really satisfied with the work she did on our website, it was spot-on.

- Enrique Valenzuela

very friendly and easy. Thanks

- Amy

Very RESPONSIVE and very helpful!

- Mark Woodside

Thank you for your cooperation today. Chad

- Chad Brannen

Drew, thank you ever-so-much for getting this right for us! My WOW is based on the fact that you listened and understood ... getting it right the first time lets us put ourselves back out there SOONER!! And THAT is a premium for us. Thank you, again!!!

- Dorothy Hughes

as always you make our interactions pleasant, productive and fun. i know how dumb i am with all this computer/web stuff and i always get off the phone having learned something & thinking im smarter than bill gates....thnx

- carl rosen

You were very responsive and accommodating in explaining why an emergency meeting caused you to miss our previously scheduled appointment and in replacing that with a new one

- Tom Reed

Timely, very informative, pleasant and very friendly. Took her time to explain things to someone who is computer illiterate.

- Vincent Vola

Savannah was more than helpful. She was enthusiastic and very helpful!

- Harvey Hicks

Nikki was fast to respond to my requests for pixels to be added to the client site and she was already in the middle of a redesign for the client to be launched tomorrow!

- Josh Richardson

Very friendly & professional. You brought up things about my own company that I forgot to list. Example: magnetic signs... You seemed very knowledgeable in your business, & I look forward to working with you & your company in the future! thank you for taking the time to assist me this morning. Larry Rendek

- Lawrence Rendek

very helpful and informative.

- brian smith

She was awesome, very professional.

- Luis Chavez

Drew was very prompt in providing information in a pleasant and helpful way. I enjoyed my conversation with him and he was informative.

- Katie Wyatt

Thanks Ian! It was nice to hear a friendly voice willing to listen and figure out how to help us! You already gave me confidence that you know what's going on and how to explain it to us! We look forward to working with you!

- Jill LeSavage

Kyle was more than helpful during our conversation. She addressed all of my questions professionally and made me feel comfortable with the website statistics/dashboard. We were actually looking to reduce our expenses by eliminating Timesquare, but after this experience, we will be keeping this service. One of our main values is service and when we experience someone who is compassionate in what they do, it resonates exponentially. Thanks, Kyle. Keep up the good work!

- Sean Flynn

Was amazing!!!

- Thomas Kerwin Jr

Wow! Meghan responds so quickly to my needs. She's very friendly, and makes me feel more confident about my business. Kudos to her!

- Shawna Goodman

Aerial is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! She's very helpful, prompt and kind!!!!!

- JoAnne

Alexia is consistently out in front of my marketing needs. She monitors my online presence, implementing changes necessary to keep momentum, impact and content relevant to customers in my area. She notifies me of issues that demand urgent attention, taking time to discuss several actions we might take to maximize visibility. I’m not computer illiterate, I simply do not have time to keep up with the moving target an effective web presence demands. I Let Town Square Media run their end of the business so I can run mine. Thank you Alexia.

- Scott Anderson

Always prompt in handling everything I ask. Thank you Stephanie

- Jackie Sullivan

Very professional. Very helpful. I now feel confident we can get this done. Thank you for the great service!

- Jason Gloe

It is obvious that Morgan Hall's goal is to deliver the best service possible, she is a ROCKSTAR!! I have used 3 other places offering a similar service that Morgan's team offers and Morgan is officially #1. This company, Townsquare Interactive, is doing everything in their power to make me stand out in my field. Thank you Morgan. Morgan Hall Client Onboarding Services Townsquare Interactive P: (217) 617-4004 ps, if you need flooring in Colorado, please call me. Dan Thompson Floors By Tomorrow (google me) 720-371-2000

- Dan Thompson

Great work, Drew!! We love your ideas and how you handle ours!! Keep up the good work ... this is turning out to be a great team-effort and the museum website has never looked so engaging! Thanks!

- Dorothy Hughes

Corey Miller, you have done a wonderful job on my site, I dealt with your competition for some time prior, you as a person makes a huge difference with your dedication. Your company has put a very good team together as we have as well. I would like to add to our site that we take all major credit/debit cards, and we are an Authorized US Lock Direct Dealer on the main cover page. On the security page we can add the fact that we have two certified welders for steel security doors and burgular bars and cages. Other than these changes, I am very pleased, Towne Square is my partner. Thanks again Corey. Dave Goodman

- David R. Goodman,SR.

I am very pleased with what I have heard so far about Townsquare Interactive. My sales rep, Justin, and my onboarding specialist, Savannah, have both been very informative, and have provided excellent customer relations so far. I look forward to great things. Thank you both so much!

- Sean Bumgarner

Kyleigh Zelenak does not waste your time, in my world less words are better, not always easy when being creative, i honestly feel the time spent with Kyleigh was productive and a value.

- Gregorio Pulido

Sarah was very professional and courteous. She was very thorough when explaining the process and answered all my questions with genuine very knowledgeable answers, she even recommended options that my company will benefit from. Through this process, it is my opinion that she went beyond her "job duties" to ensure that my experience was as flawless and professional as possible.

- Lloyd Townsell

As always Libby Norris "WOWED" me... Professional, Courteous, and Informed about her profession.

- Bob

Thanks Nicole, Clear and concise. I enjoyed speaking with you. Although computerly challenged, you did not confuse me!!

- Katina Davis - Treetech

I was pleasantly surprised!

- Mark Jordan

I so appreciate Kyle's continuing to reach out to me despite my lack of response and availability. She always presents concrete solutions not just vague ideas. Thank you Kyle!

- Deborah Proffitt

It isn't often that I'm able to leave a message and have someone return my call the same day, much less within an hour's time! Matt was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He got in touch with me via email shortly after our call, so I know he was immediately working with our information. Very impressed with Matt, and look forward to working with him.

- Courtney

You did great Lauren we absolutely LOVE the website and can't wait to see what you can do for the RV website!

- Kristyn Stratton

This lady is AWSOME!!🤗 She has been on it since she received the info and has gone above and beyond to make sure any issues are addressed and have been hats off to this young lady!! As always Townsquare media folks are the best!!

- Scott Anderson

The service I have enjoyed the most is that you are willing to check in with me and walk me through everything. Finding time to keep up with our website is very difficult and having you call me regularly has been the biggest help. I always enjoy hearing from you. Hope you have a fantastic holiday.

- Denise Dietrich

Natalie was awesome. Very patient with me when I told her I wasn't prepared for our scheduled call when I didn't have my login info. Then super patient when she was helping me figure out our Google issues! So appreciate of Natalie. She helped us with a problem we've had for months that we couldn't figure out on our own.

- Katie

Alright - talk about amazing attentiveness ... Stefanie just noticed something in my blog that looked out of place and emailed me immediately to make sure I hadn't been hacked. Stefanie is AWESOME!! My mom doesn't even pay that close attention to me!! This is why I believe www.flooringbytomorrow is going to be the best flooring website in Colorado!!

- Dan Thompson

Corey has gone above and beyond to provide my husband and I excellent customer service! Great job Corey...thanks for looking at us as people not a paycheck!!

- Debra Goodman

Carolyn was awesome and patient and informative, even for a Monday! ;)

- Rachael

I'm amazed to see that you are in constant contact with me about the website. I really appreciate it that someone has my best interest in mind. And for that I say THANK YOU.


Your awesome!!! Thanks for all your help!

- James Yaeger

Having had a few different client managers with Townsquareinteractive, all have been great but Stephanie surpasses all. Thank you Panther!!!!

- Jackie Sullivan

Alexia was not only amazing at communication but also was quick, concise, and efficient with the service she provided for us. She seems like a very genuine and delightful person and I am glad we are working with her.

- Garett Collins

Morgan took the time to find out about our business and what we were looking for in a website. My wife and I have no idea about how this works and Morgan made the process easy and convenient. I recommend her and her team anytime

- Patrick Wiseman

Jaimie is super easy to talk to very friendly and energetic. She has made this process easy and fun!

- Whitni

She is Great...Great and Great!!!!

- Kathy Dorsey

Excellent understanding of my business needs and gosls

- Karen Greenleaf

Lauren, YOU are a GREAT COMMUNICATOR. You listened carefully in the initial interview as is evidenced by the accuracy of the site information pages. YOU are a GREAT ASSET to TSI. You've done a splendid job keeping me informed to the progress of our new website. THANK YOU for you attention to detail and your kind demeanor. Our best to you and TSI.

- Albert Sandlin

Great service!!!!!

- Andy Stewart

Emily is a rare combination of charismatic and competent. Refreshing.

- Drew Briney

Your knowledge and professional approach in trying to capture my business from the inside to put it outside to the public shows me that you have my best interest at hand. Thank You. Michael N.

- Michael S. Neely

The team that I dealt spoke to was great from the introduction Emily was very helpful and a pleasure to speak to. She had answered all of my questions without me having to ask them. Great Service!

- Quintin Fortes

Brittany responded quickly to our request which was a huge help, as it was a disclaimer we needed on our website asap. She has been a fantastic resource for all of our edits and changes. A pleasure to work with.

- Nikole Hartzell

Brittany helped me with an emergency even as she was stranded traveling. That's being connected. She's always there for us and does an awesome job!

- Ric Cochran

James is great at his job Give him a raise!

- Seema Singh-Perez

Excellent information. Very helpful

- Amanda Lentz

Allie, is always informative and is very willing in helping our office get noticed. Very easy to talk to!!

- Natasha

When it comes to customer service and trying to get traffic to our website Stephaine and townsquare media has been awesome for my business. Stephanie sends me an email once a month letting me know the views to the site and also recommends changes when need be.

- Patrick Guillory

Sean is very helpful and friendly. We love working with him

- Heather murray

I appreciate Amanda always being so helpful and knowledgeable!!

- Cindy Ring

Alexia did a fantastic job helping me get my website fixed and up and running. I'm so thrilled it's working so well. Couldn't of done it without Alexia and the web designer. Alexia is awesome and acts professionally and has excellent customer service skills.

- Glenn Hurta

Savannah has been on top of this project. She's kept in touch and left me messages of what comes next.

- R. Craig Miller

Wonderful to work with!! Very patient with all my crazy answers and questions!

- Celeste Touchet

always on time and creative is consistently in line with our message with minimal guidance !! best experience I have had with a website provider since Drew took over the account !

- tom van pelt

What would I do without Stefanie? OMGEEZ she makes my life in this business venture soooo much easier. She pushes me beyond my comfort zone. She took this valentine idea I sent to her and ran with it today!! This promo is UP on our site TODAY. She can never leave me!!!!

- Stacy Brown

As you can see from the date of email till now theres some time in which I wouldnt remember all that we discussed, however I do remember that I came away from the conversation thinking that now I might be hooked up w a company that will actually do all that they said they would and so far I have been pleased w your actions. I think that it has already made an impact HOWEVER, I now have folks calling me saying theres a problem w my google listing. Is this a scam or is it that now that you all are fixing the many missing things in a lot of the listings you all showed me that somehow your activitys have been brought attention to my listings? Perhaps your IT guru could speak w me Jim Pro Plumber 404-550-8066

- jim pearson

I hate companies or sales reps that waste my Company's time. This isn't the case with Carolyn Wilson. Carolyn did what she said in the amount of time she quoted me at. Me and my office were very pleased with her customer service ability, meaning she listened to exactly what we wanted and made it happen without excuses or costly delays. I wish there were more "Carolyn's" in the workplace because thats how a Professional conducts herself. From all of us at Reaper Transport LLC we salute you Carolyn. SEMPER FIDELS

- Jesse Kilishek

Alexia is always helpful and kind. She will even help with questions that don't necessarily pertain to what she does for us.

- Jane Grau

Lauren is very pleasant, bright, quickly responsive and knowledgable. Given her technical knowledge I was very surprised to learn that she majored in marketing, not computer science.

- Fredric D Rubin, Esquire

Great job on the website. Yeah!!!!

- Jim Barden

I got the information I needed to sign into Page Publisher in a form that is understandable and in a very timely manner. I was able to use it in posting a blog post to my web page.

- Wendy Tate

Allison was so patient, accommodating and professional! She took the time to really understand our client's business and what they need to get ou =t of their new website.

- Joni Walker

Katie is very prompt in replying and doing the edit work I have asked for. She is cheerful and encouraging and the work is done in a timely manner.

- Judith Storteboom

Nicole mindfully helped me through the designing process without overwhelming me. She came across as seasoned and professional.

- Susan Taylor

Very pleasant to talk to.

- Mack Weaver

Sarah is the best! Helping me with clients who went live months ago. Helping me create lasting relationships with my clients, thanks girl!

- Shannon

Answered all my question and provide information directly and to the point. Thank you very much.

- Eric zator

Drew is the MAN! He does what he says he will when he says he will have it done. Great follow-up and communication.

- Wendy Tate

Thanks For your professionalism and concern

- ricardo

I would recommend anyone to get there business website with these guys, they're honest, motivated and professional with what they do!!

- Daniel Mast

Talking with an intelligent person who has the intuition and desire to "make it happen", has been a joy.

- Mark Daneau

This guy is on the ball! I like him, he stays with me even tho my sched is the worst. He is patient with me even tho I break scheduling promises. He has done a beautiful job with my website. Need I say more.

- George F. Stephenson, DC

Aerial's patience, professionalism, and her very positive attitude made this project a much easier experience.

- Paul Johns

Great Intro call. I look forward to working with her. If she follows up like Katie always did (AND I THINK SHE WILL) , This rating will always stay a "WOW"

- Peter Tessitore

You are on top oof your game. Thanks for helping me.

- Sheena Davis

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

- Michael Curry

Allison was very knowledgeable and supportive in presenting the plan for my the website. Thank you Allison

- Charlie Evans

Drew has been very easy to work with, keeps us informed regularly and communicates clearly. He has kept our web site pages fresh and monitors the content - which takes a load off our mind - Drew does what he does effectively so we can do what we do effectively! Thanks Drew!

- Bill Burke

Danielle is right on top of things.

- Ron Beeks

Ryan understands exactly what we're trying to do online, and is a pleasure to work with. We've been making some big changes in our site, and he makes the process frictionless and *really fast*! I would recommend him to anyone!

- Anne Fisher,

Danielle is amazing too work with! Our experience with Town Square Media has been nothing short of excellent!!!

- Cabin Fever Realty

After a string of bad luck with websites naturally I was a little apprehensive about starting the whole process over again. Mary Grace was great! I felt that she really listened to what I was trying to convey on my website as well as helping me articulate in the places that I struggled. She was always so friendly, happy and quick to any task put in front of her. the design team whipped up an amazing looking website that is both modern yet user friendly for my older customers. If I knew my experience was going to be a great as it has been I would have made the switch long ago!

- Emily

Lauren came up with some excellent ideas to improve traffic to my web site. I really appreciate all of her help!

- Sandra L. Fournier

Great conversation! Appreciate her great service and helpful enthusiasm.

- Lindsey

GREAT JOB !!! Thanks for your patience Natalie !!!! And above all thanks for your help !!

- Mark Kramer

As busy as he is, Scott always finds time to go over every request in detail with the client so he understands what is being asked, so he can explain it to his team - I think that shows respect for both sides and the whole process. He is very honest and straightforward when needing to explain how much time a project may take, and he follows up with an email or phone call to let me know when the project is complete. Communication and time is so important to everyone, and his concern and efforts towards both are absolutely genuine.

- Carmen

Very efficient and personable...

- Mark Kramer and Mason Kramer

Very informed !! great personality!!

- Mark Kramer and Mason Kramer

Michelle is a gem! I was so fortunate to have the chance to work with her. She is a true professional and made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions willingly! I am so excited to see my website up and running!!

- Kari Huber

Sean is the best person we've had help us! He's always willing to help and makes the whole process much easier

- Heather murray

You were amazing at creating a nice connection between client and yourself. You were very clear with what you were going to do and stayed directly on script. I could not ask for a better level of service and the website outcome was truly amazing and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again Natalie

- Scott Foland

Lauren has always been pleasant and responded to all my requests, questions, etc. in with urgency and in a timely manner.

- Lecia Fall

Of all the TSI specialists I deal with, DREW is THE MOST responsive and helpful! GREAT JOB!

- Jeff Klein

Everything was completed in a timely manner. Thanks!

- Allen Craine

Ryan has done a great job making our web site as strong (and searchable) as possible, and he's done it very quickly. I especially appreciate his willingness to answer questions and accommodate complicated requests. Excellent!

- Anne Fisher

Thanks for being so speeding on getting everything added! You are the best! Have a great rest of the week!

- Kari Huber

Extremely knowledgeable & Outstanding customer service!! Very in touch with our needs and what will generate the most traffic on our website.

- Christine Klemp

WHAT AN AWESOME PERSON !!!!! Really looking forward to working with you

- Elias Camacho

Thank you Kyleigh!

- Peggy Sue Davis

Seriously I am WOWED every time I work with Ashley Kubiniec she is amazing it has never been this easy to work with someone, it is so refreshing to feel like someone in this industry actually cares as much as I do about how my business appears online!! Your the Best

- Justin McChesney

It was a pure pleasure doing business with Anna. She has an uncanny ability to know and understand what you are trying to communicate to your customers on your website, not to mention her pleasant demeanor and personality. Thanks Anna for all of your help!

- Rick Bartz

Very pleasant and professional.

- Barbra Ulrich

I look forward to your calls, Alyssa! Thanks for all of your help! Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks! :)

- Kari Huber

Excellent customer service!

- Nicki Gilbert

We just did a complete overhaul of our web site, and Ryan was great every step of the way! Understood what we wanted, made changes quickly, and was extremely patient with my nitpicky suggestions (and a dumb question or two...) Kudos!

- Anne Fisher

Carolyn is awesome all capital letters! She has made my experience with Townsquare very pleasant. Her humility and poise are unparrelled. She's patient, kind, resourceful, excuse free, and soluntion minded. I appreciate her professionalism and customer service. She is definitely a bar setter in my book.

- Johnny B. Carter

A1 service, to the point & professional

- Omar

Thanks for your speediness in making the changes needed to the info in my account! I appreciate it! Kari

- Kari Huber

Cameron was very helpful throughout the entire interview and set up process. He listened to everything I had to say about the business and offered great suggestions for the website.

- Jim Johnson

As busy as I can be , you always take care of me thanks, Dave

- David heath

Thanks Morgan for speaking with John this morning and addressing the photo issue, It looks great! I look forward to speaking with you at some point. Take care, Dan I have two crazy dogs! "Kaysea" and "Cessna" AKA trouble and more trouble...

- Dan Viehmann



very helpful and you can here the 'smile' in her voice when she talks to you.

- Cindy Combs

Lauren has been awesome from the beginning of creating of the website!! She kept in touch constantly, and if I had a question or concern she was just a call or email away! I couldn't be happier with the service that our company has received!!!!! I will defiantly recommend Town Square in the future and look so forward to continuing to work with yall!!!!!!

- Michelle Spivey (Cash Works)

Thanks for your persistance and helpful guidance.

- Greg McCue